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If you wait for everything to be ‘perfect’ – you will never start anything. Just start & perfect along the way.

Welcome! Do you have a ‘Bucket List’?

Do you have a ‘bucket list’? I do! And I’ll actually bet you do – it is just in your head.

As in the movie ‘The Bucket List’ with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, most people look at a bucket list as the things you would like to achieve or accomplish before they ‘kick the bucket’. They also don’t think about it until they are unwell and reflect on all the things they haven’t done and now need to hurry up and do. At that time, it is actually too late. That is why we all need to start our bucket list today! And if you haven’t seen the movie – hire it.

To me, my ‘bucket list’ is a list of criteria – outcomes to achieve – that is a part of creating my ultimate lifestyle. It is not just about skydiving, ballooning and endless travel – although they are definitely on my list – it is also about having great health and fitness, having great relationships with family and friends, making peace with my inner demons, forgiving and allowing myself to be me and to live my life as I want to, not live my life as I feel I am expected to. And of course, creating financial abundance – this really helps.

My name is Kim Townsend and welcome to my world of ‘Bucket List Achieving’.

So now that this site is up – I can tick another achievement off! This will be further developed and grow, just I am and you will by visiting often to see what is new. I will post interesting videos and links to information to get you where you want to go. Listen to what Tony Robbins has to say: 2012 – Your best year yet!

This is just the beginning, so please join me in ‘anti-aging’ from the inside by embracing change now to create your ultimate lifestyle. Please leave a comment or suggestions of what you might like to see on the site.  I can be contacted at Drop by regularly and let me know about your Bucket List and what you are working on!

Jane Fonda sums it all up in this short video! Our third act.

Until then, embrace change, grow young and create your dream future.